IT Consulting Dr. Max Völkel

Max Völkel

My background is in computer science. I worked in-depth on modelling, with unstructured, semi-structured and linked data. With over 20 years in software engineering, I have seen and used many patterns, tools, systems and architectures.



Phone: +49 171 835 96 78

Profiles: LinkedIn | Xing | Private site

Programming: GitHub | StackOverflow

Java Developers

We are hiring

We are looking for talented software developers

Location: Karlsruhe or remote (MESZ timezone)

As an independent Java developer, I am available for contract roles in IT projects. Profit from over 20 years of experience in Java and web technologies.


  • Java: JEE (former J2EE), servlets

  • Semantic Web: ontologies, RDF, wikis, semantic wikis, linked open data

  • Template languages: JSP, Velocity, Thymeleaf, custom

  • NoSQL/schema-less data bases: key-value-stores, triple stores, graph data bases, AppEngine Data Store

  • Front-end: Google Web Toolkit (GWT), HTML5, responsive design

  • Back-end: Google App Engine (GAE/J), Docker, Google Compute Engine (GCE). Open to learn Kubernetes.

  • Specialties: modelling, data synchronisation, data versioning, graph visualisation


  • Human languages: Fluent German and English, some French.

  • Computer languages: Java, XML, XSLT, JSON, RDF, HTTP, CSS, CSV. Open to learn Kotlin, Closure, Dart.

  • Personal skills: analyzing, presenting, architecture design, software engineering, refactoring, API design, team management, requirements engineering

  • Pragmatic programming

Tools: Eclipse IDE, Maven, Git, Apache Ant

Experiences: analyzed all Wikipedia pages with PageRank; automated SFTP; called Google Analytics from a Java backend; counted term co-occurences; created a rule engine, a custom in-memory search engine, several wiki engines; developed an extensive triple handling API; extracted an XML schema from XML instances, data from HTML web pages; generated DOT files, PDFs, Java source code; hacked JSP wiki; launched a collaborative task list; learned how to use color spaces, time zones, unicode; parsed Java source code, PowerPoint files, XML, wiki syntax; ran a collaborative structured discussion tool; transformed CSV; visualized Java package dependencies; wrote a text parsing framework, custom Maven plugins, a graph framework;

Consulting, Coaching, Training

Due to extensive work in academia and research projects for industry clients, I can offer consulting on semantic technologies , artificial intelligence and machine learning and, innovation projects, as well as software engineering and knowledge management.

🕸 Semantic Technologies

Connect data sources, infer new insights, query aggregated knowledge, lift unstructured data, formalize, manage meta-data, define a common schema — faster when I am part of the project.


  • Linked open data: Co-author of Cool URIs for the Semantic Web, W3C); creator of open-source tools for working with RDF and Java (RDF2Go, RDFReactor)

  • Wikis: Co-inventor of Semantic MediaWiki, industry projects, wrote custom wiki engines

🤖 Artificial Intelligence

Which AI technology can or should be used to increase customer satisfaction and lower costs?

My computer science masters topics: neural networks, fuzzy logic, clustering, data mining, information theory, decision trees, reinforcement learning, simulated annealing, genetic programming

💸 Innovation and Business Models

After studies in entrepreneurship, several own start-ups and career as Lean Startup trainer, I’ve seen, analyzed and optimized countless business models. My special focus is on risk reduction and validation of information in early stages of an innovation project. Methods: Customer Discovery, Problem validation, Solution validation, Product/Market-fit, metrics, business model canvas

Experiences: gave numerous invited and paid talks since 2011 (e.g. KIT Venture Fest 2014), seminars (3+ years at EnTechnon), trainings (e.g. KIT upCAT Accelerator 2015, 2016, 2018)

👓 Software Engineering

During my time at university and my start-ups, I held several internal trainings on software engineering (e.g. onboarding of new engineers with Java, Eclipse, Maven, Git). I can also help you evaluating and selecting the right open source libraries for a given tasks, since I had to do that hundreds of times.

🦉 Knowledge Management

Which tools and processes increase productivity of your knowledge workers? You need a pragmatic analysis of the current state and the next step for improving the status quo. Often seemingly simple IT tools or process changes can unlock the best return on investment.

Experiences: Dissertation on Persönliches Wissensmanagement mit Semantischen Technologien, industry projects


Offering: Academic writing, Agile Project Management, Algorithm Development, Analytics, Big Data, Computer Science, Consulting, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Science, Java, Machine learning, Open Source Development, Open Source Software, Programming, Research, Software Architecture, Software Development

Looking for: Freelancing, Software Development, Consulting, Data Science, Machine learning